Free Crochet Pattern – Tiny Crochet Flowers

I made these little flowers to go on some crochet cacti the other night and I thought they were just too cute not to share!

You will need

  • scraps of 2 ply yarn in two colours (around 2-3m)
  • 1.5mm crochet hook
  • needle for sewing in ends

Instructions (US terms)

Flower middle – using the first colour:

  1. Single crochet 6 in to foundation ring and join in the round.  Finish and sew in end. Pull the foundation ring closed so that you have a small circle.  You will use the tail from the foundation ring to sew the flower middle on to the petals.

Petals – using the second colour:

  1. Chain 3, double crochet in to foundation ring, chain 3, slip stitch in to foundation ring.

Repeat step 2 five more times (or as many times as your would like petals).  Finish and sew in the yarn end.  Pull the foundation ring closed.

Sew the flower middle in to the center of the petals.  You can then use the foundation ring tail to sew your tiny crochet flower on to whatever item you like.

Everything can have flowers!

Don’t forget to share your creations with us – tag us on instagram @thetinycrochetcompany or use the hashtag #thetinycrochetcompany; find us on twitter @thetinycrochetc (character restriction!) or find us on facebook The Tiny Crochet Company.

Happy crocheting 🙂



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